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Hopper Window

Hopper Window

A window unit in which the top of the sash swings inward.

Our Hopper Window is mainly used in basements to fit some of the openings found in older homes.

Hopper Window Features


High strength uPVC vinyl doesn’t warp or swell like conventional windows.

Site-Replaceable Glazing

Should your little league slugger break a window, glass replacement is a snap-out/snap-in operation that takes as little as 10 minutes to replace!


Double interlock design making for a tight fit when window is closed.

Dual Glazing Wedge System

Prevents sagging resulting in long lasting, energy-efficient operation.

Added Security

Lock draws the sash tightly into the frame providing extra security as well as a highly energy-efficient seal.

Fast & Easy Cleaning

Both sashes can be removed for trouble-free maintenance!