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Awning & Casement Windows

Awning & Casement Windows

Casement: A vertical window unit in which the single sash cranks outward, to the right or left for ventilation.

Awning: A horizontal window unit in which the bottom of the sash swings outward for ventilation.

Our Awning & Casement Windows can be made to almost any size opening.


Gill’s Casement & Awning Windows are designed with homeowners in mind. Unlike conventional casement windows, they are hinged slightly away from the corner when open. This feature provides a continuous flow of air no matter which way the breeze is blowing. A cleanable hinge is also available so you can wash the windows from the inside!  Be sure to check with our salesman for this option!

Even locking and unlocking the window has been made easy. Multi-point window locks can be placed in different locations on the window, making easy-to-close. They can also be made to better to accommodate the needs of the physically challenged, young adult and senior citizens.

Awning & Casement Window Features


High strength uPVC vinyl doesn’t warp or swell like conventional windows.

Site-Replaceable Glazing

Should your little league slugger break a window, glass replacement is a snap-out/snap-in operation that takes as little as 10 minutes to replace!

Closes Tight

Eliminates “sash sag” by using a special glazing wedge to direct weight of glass to the hinged side of the sash.


Foam-filled weather-stripping is applied to the frame for a tight fit.  What this means to you is that it keeps your home at a comfortable temperature.

Dual Glazing Wedge System

Prevents sagging resulting in long lasting, energy-efficient operation.

Quality Extended Life

Your vinyl windows will retain its new look for years to come.

Added Security

Lock draws the sash tightly into the frame providing extra security as well as a highly energy-efficient seal.

Double Pane Glass

All Gill windows are constructed with 7/8″ glazing and available in many different
types of glass.

Lock & Crank Replacement Variable

We can customize your awning & casement windows to accomodate the special needs of the physically challenged, elderly, as well as hard to reach places (such as over the kitchen sink).